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Saturday, May 20, 2006

A plea for donations

I'm back after a rather long hiatus. Starting Monday, I'll be posting new material from my novel "With Hesitant Stride". I hope to be able to finish it before the end of June. If you've enjoyed what I've written to date, please feel free to post comments and feedback.

Please understand that I derive great enjoyment from writing this novel. I'm also working on the basic outlines for three other novels, one fantasy and two science fiction works, that I hope to start posting to this blog. However, one of the biggest problems I face is that I don't have the time to both write as much as I think I should and still earn a decent income. (Just so you know, I'm pegging a decent income at $2,000 per month - I'm not expecting to get filthy rich while writing these books.)

What I'd greatly like to do is to continue to bring in $1,000 in regular income and solicit donations to cover the other $1,000 per month. Doing so would free up enough time that I could concentrate on completing, and posting, excerpts from two novels to this blog, the current "With Hesitant Stride" and one of my science fiction pieces, "Homebrew".

So I'm asking you, dear readers, to donate to my writing efforts. As I said earlier, I'd like to receive donations totalling $1,000 per month. That means I need to receive 1,000 $1 donations, 500 $2 or 200 $5 donations in each month. So if 200 of my readers will kick in the price of a good cup of Starbucks coffee each month, I'll reward all my readers with excerpts from both novels. Please, help me free up the time and reduce my monetary worries by clicking on the following link. Donate to Derek's Writing Fund

Thank you for any donation you can give and I'll keep posting ever couple of days.


P.S. I've moved the actual excerpts from With Hesitant Stride to it's own blog page and you can find these excerpts at: With Hesitant Stride

You can also find the excerpts from my science fiction novel, Homebrew, at: Homebrew A Novel


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