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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Didja ever think about your health?

I do. I've been fighting a weight problem for years. As medicine makes advances I've found out that one thing I have been overlooking is my sodium intake. I can control this much better when I use fresh ingredients, but I always thought that 'healthy' prepared foods, such as 'healthy' soups, would not have excess amounts of sodium/salt. Man was I mistaken. I recently ate some Campbell's 'healthy' chicken noodle soup - the kind that comes in a 10.5 ounce can. Did you know that one can of that soup has over 1,100 milligrams of sodium!!! So watch out for the sodium content of so-called 'healthy' prepared meals.

Speaking of health, my friend is involved with "Visions for Life", which markets a liquid vitamin supplement. It looks interesting, both as a vitamin source and a network marketing opportunity - here's the website link: Phyllis' Vision for Life. And don't forget to check out her Mangosteen antioxidant drink website at: Phyllis' Go Mangosteen. Check them out.


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