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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Barnes & Noble, your Nook customer service SUX!

If you happen to buy a used, or even used/broken Kindle 2 or Kindle DX, which is still under the 1-year warranty period, Amazon will swap it out for a new/refurbished version for FREE! And if it is past the warranty period, Amazon will do so for $135. That means Amazon *honors* its warranty whether the person is the original owner or a second owner.

That's just the same as warranties offered by car manufacturers. And large-appliance manufacturers. They *get* that the warranty period transfers.

Not so with Barnes & Noble. Say you've located a used Nook on eBay. The owner bought the Nook less than 1 year ago and they need to sell... So you buy it. But it's broken somehow. Guess what? B&N, that piece of crap company, WON'T honor any remaining warranty time - nor will it bother to repair the Nook at all! Not even for a fee! That's right. If you're not the original owner, you're shit out of luck with B&N!

Is it any wonder that Barnes & Noble is for sale?

Shame on you, Barnes & Noble!


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OpenID toastybob said...

Oh, dear. I just bought a refurbished nook...

8:23 PM  
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