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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I WANT a Holga.D digital Holga!!!

If you've ever seen the images you can get from a Holga, you know they are funky, retro and everything you've ever wanted in a cheap, 'ART' camera!

I own a glass-lens square-format Holga that I've retrofitted to take 35mm film in a 3:1 panorama mode. (It normally takes 6cmx6cm or 6cmx4.5cm images on 120-format film.) I also own and use a 120-format Holga that can take 6cmx9cm and 6cmx12cm medium-format panoramic images using a pinhole 'lens' Both of these are fun to use - so buy one and use it already!

However, to date, there've been no cheap, weird-lens, 'digital' Holgas. The site linked into the title of this post discusses making an open-source Holga.D Take a gander and submit your own input. Get involved! Let's make this happen!


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