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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It has been suggested...

that I don't make such a plaintive cry for donations in my posts. Good idea, that. So except for the prior sentence, I'm not going to do so. Instead, I'll figure out how to put a simple, moderate 'Donate' button in my sidebar. Less begging, more content.

Speaking of content, could someone please post some feedback on the other content in these posts? I mean, do you find what I rant about interesting, or do they sidetrack you from other issues? C'mon, don't be shy. Within the limits of propriety, post whether you like what I have to say and what your opinions are about them.

And I'll try to add in my experiences with The Grill. I do love to barbecue!

You know... I wonder sometimes what's happening to our country. I mean, Batwoman is going to now be lesbian. Lesbian? Why? Why the need to 'revise' history? Couldn't they just create a new character who's lesbian or gay? Maybe a Chickadee could be Batman's new sidekick - replete with un-requited love for his dark knight. Could work... What do you think? Do we have to have every icon be re-written to Politically Correct sexual orientation? Must every one of our heros be 'outed' to please the social adjusters?

I'm asking because I don't see the reason for reversing or upsetting every motivation of characters we've grown to know. Where's the motivation for Batwoman to have ever loved Batman? Is she really lesbian; if so, why did she bother to ever come on to Batman? Does her motivation for everything else in her life stay the same? Are we soon to discover she's secretly the head of C.H.A.O.S? And if nothing else has changed, why is it important to know her current sexual orientation? Does making her, now, lesbian make her a better action figure? I think not. Unless we're to see the look and feel of Batman change to some form of sleazy sex-ridden manga.

To me, this change just smacks of pandering to the politically-correct crowd of critics. And I wish DC had had the balls to 'just say no'.


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