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Saturday, November 18, 2006

More on P(rint) O(n) D(emand)

Yesterday, I mentioned one way for us 'wannabe published' authors to get our books out to our (hopefully) adoring public - LuLu. LuLu's a Print On Demand (POD) printer. They've been castigated for buying the ISBNs used for the books they print, but they're adding one where you, the author/self-publisher owns each book's ISBN.

However, there's another POD printer/fulfillment service out there, Books Just Books(just click on this post's title to reach their site). Their whole procedure is a bit more 'clunky' than LuLu's, but they've always pushed for the author/self-publisher owning the ISBN and the copyrights to each book. And they've got plenty of links to self-publishing resources and informational guides. If you've decided to go this route for your novel, check both LuLu and BooksJustBooks out.

As for my own novel, "Homebrew", it's coming along nicely. I've managed to reach the 35,000 word mark. That means I've written my way to 70% of my 50,000 word goal. And I've got thirteen (13!!!) days left to write. There's a strong possibility I'll top 66,000 words by the end of the month. And I'm revising my total estimated word count for the complete first draft of the novel to 90,000+ words!

Of course, half the fun of writing a novel is editing it into shape for publication. And that's what I'll be doing in January of 2007. Why not start right after completing it in December? Because I'm planning on revisiting "With Hesitant Stride", armed with my hard-earned knowledge of the craft of writing, and finishing that story as well. Who knows, by March of next year, I may well have two complete novels to shop around the publishers!

By the way, Chris Baty is right. Getting past the first week is easy. Getting past the second week is much harder. But it's seeing the word counter reach 35,000 words, that finally makes a NaNo novelist appreciate that 50,000 words is do-able. Gosh! The air up here is mighty fine!


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