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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Representative John Doolittle

Is Representative John Doolittle corrupt? Or is he just ineffective? The interesting thing is you can cast your vote at Me, I think he's both.

For one thing, he took over $100K from the lobbyist Jack Abrahamov. And then, when it was revealed just how corrupting JA was, how much JA peddled influence, did Doolittle give the money back? No. For another thing, he and his wife skim (using barely legal, yet highly unethical methods) money from donations to his campaign warchest for personal use.

So on that hand, I'd say corrupt.

However, he also has a real problem with targeting his base constituency. He is supposed to represent the needs of an area around Auburn, CA, yet he seems to spend inordinate time helping Native American tribes all over the Midwest. Why?

Thus, a case can be made that he's ineffective.

If you have an opinion, go ahead and vote. Not just at the website listed, but also on election day. Let Representative John Doolittle know that you're fed up with him living up to his last name.


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