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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Amazon Customer Support Hits Another Homer!

Once again, I've found a great deal on a broken-screen K2. This is the second one that still was under its one-year limited warranty. It arrived, having cost me $47.29, and I just got off the phone with Amazon Customer Service. Yep. I'm getting a replacement K2 FOR FREE!

Amazon, I love ya!

BTW, Bookeen just released their latest firmware updates for the Cybook Gen3. Version 1.5 adds folder support as well as a working Delete key and better support for PDF and HTML to their Mobipocket ebook capability. Version 2.0 replaces the Mobipocket ebook support with ePub as well as all the other features AND adds in support for FBReader's FB2 ebook format. Early reports are that you can flash to v1.5, then switch over to v2.0, then switch back to v1.5. Of course, you have to save the firmware updates because you have to re-flash for each switch.


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