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Monday, January 25, 2010

Read an ebook week.

Have you read an e-book this week? Have you read an e-book at all? Do you have friends who have never experienced the joy of reading an e-book? If you've answered "No" to the first two or "Yes" to the last question, you need to get ready for Read An Ebook Week - and you better hurry as it arrives early in March.

To learn more, click on the pretty green banner ad at the top of my blog pages or click on the title of this post. You'll be taken directly to where you'll learn more about ebooks in general as well as the upcoming Read An Ebook Week.

I have no doubt that most people who regularly read my blog happen to be interested in ebooks, but you may well have friends who have never taken an Amazon Kindle in hand to read their favorite authors. Let them know what they're missing and also tell them that they can now read Kindle ebooks on their iPhones, iPod Touches and PC computers as well - and that Amazon is close to releasing a version of the Kindle software for the Macs as well.

Don't delay! Get the message out!


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