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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So I wonder... Just how LITTLE will a person settle for.

There's this person in California, Schubert, who was the mastermind behind CA's Proposition 8 - the anti-gay-marriage prop. We find out today that his sister, a prosecutor, is lesbian and has a domestic partner and two children. She publically takes the position that she won't take a position on gay marriage. Why? Because it "wouldn't be ethical". And why wouldn't it be ethical? Because she hopes to get nominated to a judgeship and she doesn't want to 'appear' biased. (These are not quotes but my paraphrasing of her stated views.) Huh? So, like, what gives? Does she expect to recuse herself if a gay/lesbian case comes before her? I doubt it.

No, what she's really saying is that her opinion and actions on this subject can be bought with a judgeship. So what we really need to know about her is now that we have the upper range, just how cheap could her influence be bought?

At least, that's my opinion.


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