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Saturday, March 06, 2010

So, I recently read "And Falling, Fly"...

And I didn't like it.

"And Falling, Fly" by Skyler White is, in my opinion, 'ponderous'. Yep. Ponderous. No it's not that long of a book, but the writing style is one that leads the average reader to wonder just how long the pain will last - that's right, the pain! In this story we discover that vampires are really 'fallen' angels - and no, there's no 'becoming a vampire by being made into one by another vampire'. We also discover that vampires not only live off blood, they each seek to meet one desire they crave. Olivia craves 'love'. Her latest victim/savior craves release from the endless cycle of death and rebirth - yep, he, Dominic O'Shaughnessy, is one of the ReBorn. He thinks he's crazy because upon puberty he 'remembered' all of his past lives.

And, of course, we also meet Geahod - a very THIN disguise upon God. He runs an asylum for those - addicts, ReBorn, Fallen Angels, etc - who need to escape the pain of the world. There's a Garden of Eden inside the underground facility, complete with a snake and a Tree of Knowledge - the twist here is that the snake is (as in Norse legends) swallowing his own tail.

I could spoil the book for you but I won't. I also won't deny that the fight between the feelings of the protagonists is shallow, ponderously written and not worth spending money on. However, your mileage may vary - so if you absolutely MUST, I won't prevent you from reading it - but I'm not going to link to AFF on Amazon because I really don't consider it worth recommending.


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