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Saturday, February 06, 2010

So why did I post a list of 377 authors???

I did so because these authors are the ones I've discovered since switching to ebooks. In many ways, I've discovered these authors I now enjoy reading *BECAUSE* I switched to reading ebooks.

See, I had a group of 28 authors whose titles I would purchase as soon as the titles hit the bookshelves of my local Barnes & Noble or Tower bookstores. There were 30 others of whom I have ONE title on my bookshelves at home, but the vast majority of fiction works I own came from one of my 'core' 28 authors. One reason I self-limited was because I only have so much bookshelf space; to add more bookshelf space would require adding a complete room to the house! Obviously, this is not a reasonable option for me as I am NOT Scrooge McDuck wealthy!

Additionally, the cost of traveling to the various bookstores to find new works added to the per-book cost - and I'm not one of those who has that much discretionary income to afford the fuel expenses. Nor do I have that much time to waste cruising around town searching each store to see if a new author looked interesting.

And shopping online for paper books still had a shipping expense that increased the costs of buying books.

Then there's the fact that I cannot carry as many mass-market paperback books around as I can ebooks. To match the capacity of my Kindle 2 (which does NOT, by the way, have the ability to access a swappable SD memory card - all books are held in internal memory) I'd have to haul around a grocery store shopping cart everywhere I go. Doing so makes no sense!

So, prior to switching to ebooks, I was loathe to try out new authors and new genres. Since late 2007, I have expanded my reading horizons and my tastes from 28 authors to over *FOUR HUNDRED*!

Which means I have become more valuable to publishers as I'm now willing to try a wider range and greater number of their titles.

So why is it that MacMillan decided that they had to stiff Amazon by shoving the new 'agency model' of pricing down Amazon's and our (readers) throats???

That will be discussed in my next post.


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