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Monday, April 12, 2010

Fourth day exercising with the Wii

Okay, it's now been five days since we got the Wii set up and we've exercised four of those days. Today I managed to get the Wii Fit Plus system to recognize me - and that was a total pain as I had to fool the Balance Board about my presence; I am over 300 pound heavier than the Balance Board can handle and I don't want to break it because Mom needs it. So once I got myself into the Wii Fit Plus system I chose to do the ONE type of WFP exercise that doesn't need the Balance Board - the Run. Obviously, at my weight and with my relative lack of fitness, I could only do the Basic Run, and only 37.5% of that, but I've noticed that I'm not feeling quite the knee pain while sitting down afterwards.

Still, I'm managing, with the mix of Bowling, Boxing and Golf as well as working up to the full 3 minutes of the WFP Basic Run, to move better and I'm feeling a bit more relaxed and I'm breathing easier.

I recommend that anyone who's truly morbidly obese go out and get a Wii and Wii Fit Plus system.


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