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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wii Wii Wii all the way home!

Have you noticed that I've blogged about the Nintendo Wii? (Yes? No? Maybe?) Well, maybe just a tad... Okay, I'm into my sixth full day of Wii exercising using the Sports disc that comes bundled with the Wii system console and the Wii Fit Plus disc - which comes bundled with a Balance Board.

Today, I did over 30 minutes of bowling (six games, this time played with my left hand - I'm a rightie - and with a high game of 169), golf (we won't discuss how *bad* my scores are except to say that *I* believe the system should not allow the recording of quadruple bogies on a hole) and boxing ( three matches, including one 1st round KO and two 2nd-round KOs) as well as 1.5 minutes (out of 3 minutes) on the Wii Fit Plus Basic Run Short Course.

Sure, it's only been six days. But even in such a short time frame, I'm noticing that I'm walking better, that my endurance while playing is increasing and that I'm getting some real good elevated heart rates during the games and exercise.

For me, weighing in is not yet something I can do at home - most scales only go to 275-330, and even the higher-range home models are limited to 550 pounds - so I don't know how much weight I'm losing. But as soon as I get down to 550 or below, I'm getting one of those scales so that I can monitor each week rather than every couple of months when I visit my primary physician. Still, my measured (I use one of those home wrist-cuff monitors.) blood-pressure has dropped 4 whole points (down from 79/132 to 77/128) over this week.

I'm still looking forward to either a) reaching 400 pounds so I can buy an exercycle that will take my weight, or b) getting donations to afford one of those NuStep T5xr trainers - but the latter is pretty much a pipe-dream as no one has kicked in even one cent to the $5,600 price tag. In the mean time, I'll stick to my daily routine with the Wii; I AM getting measurable, benficial results from it and I urge anyone else who's topping 500 pounds to consider buying at least the Wii system!


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