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Friday, June 09, 2006

It's amazing...

How often I plan to actually post something to this blog, yet I forget to do so. The life of a busy man, for sure. Not!

If anything, you probably know by now that I'm not a working person. I found myself unable to work a regular, nine-to-five job and have been living the 'free' life on Disability. Parents, if you have slacker kids, just point them here. Kids, don't deliberately do anything to make yourself unable to work later in life. Living on a (very) fixed income is no fun - you can't afford to go around buying all those nifty iPods, jetskis and Nike tennis shoes any time you feel in the mood.

Which is why I've been modifying my blogs to add 'external source' content. You may have noticed a few discrete buttons and banner ads on the old blog page. This, according to just about every financial 'self-help' book I've read is called working smarter or letting your interests work for you. And I won't complain as I've already managed to earn 78 cents in the last 8 days from you gentle readers clicking on said 'external content'.

And that brings up what I want to talk about. External Content. Pay-per-click. Internet income. Is it a smart thing? I think so, even though I'm not swimming in generated income, it has begun to work. Why? Because the advertisers know that (In my case just a few.) people who visit this site may be interested in their products and may choose to visit their site upon seeing these 'external content' display - oh, let's just call them advertisements - on my blog.

And you can, if you have a website or a blog, do the same thing. Now you can certainly do it the hard way; you can go out, design a website, post blog notices that you have so many pixels available, write rules as to what content you find 'acceptable', negotiate rates for the service offered, answer all the questions which (hopefully) flood your email box; or you can take the easy route and let someone else do most of the work while you settle back and generate content that will bring in the visitors. I chose the easy way. You can do the same thing by clicking on the AdSense referral button in my sidebar. Or you can participate in similar 'affiliate' or 'associate' programs offered by the two other advertisers sponsored there.

I don't know what your situation is like. You may have as much time on your hands as I do, or you may be slaving away at your local Starbucks just to make ends meet. If the former, and if you really get into designing, copywriting, programming and just being very geek, by all means, do it the hard; otherwise, remember the Force and check out these affiliate programs. It'll be the easiest $0.01 (penny) you ever earned.

I've been studying about generating income through the use of blog content and advertisements and I must say there are some wonderful books and websites on the subject. Obviously the books are not free, but much of the website content is and, of course, registering for these affiliate programs is as well. And if you're reading this blog, you probably have an opinion you'd like to express, so why not generate a couple of bucks while doing so?


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