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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Top 50 Searches

The Top 50 searches for the week ending June 3, 2006. Can anyone guess which was the most popular search according to the Lycos search engine? Yep. It was NBA basketball. With the championship going on, no surprise that made it on the list, or that it was number one.

And I can understand why MySpace made it up to the number two slot. I mean, has anyone in America not heard about all the predators deluding children and using MySpace identities to seduce the children? I well imagine that for every ten guys out there trying to glean the slightest bit of pre-game information in order to make the best bets there are nine mothers searching for tips on how to recognize when their children are at risk and how to protect the children. I applaud every parent taking the time to find out more about what the children are doing on MySpace. I'm sure the vast majority of MySpace inhabitants are no threat and on the level, but it just takes one pervert coming after a child to ruin the life of that child and his or her parents. When it comes to internet stalkers of children, I almost agree there ought to be a law.

As long as Pamela Anderson has been around, I'm surprised to see she's still a hot topic for searches. What the fascination is, I cannot imagine. Sure, she's got a body that won't quit, courtesy of some of the finest plastic surgeons money can buy, but she's got almost no talent in my opinion. Yet she managed to hit number five. But it doesn't surprise me that Paris Hilton made it to number four. Yeesh! C'mon people. Get a life! To every geek and nerd on the face of the Earth, neither Paris Hilton nor Pamela Anderson will ever marry you! Of course, the same could be said about every single woman making the Top 50.

Still, being a guy, a single guy at that, I can understand the occasional need to see what a beautiful woman looks like and how the beautiful people live. And, being a guy I guess I can understand the searches for sports. I repeat, I guess. I'm not all that into sports so I don't really become so obsessed I must know every score, move and illness each and every player has or makes. I like the video games much more. So it doesn't surprise me to see that XBox and Playstation 2 made the list. What about the Playstation Portable (PSP) or the Nintendo Dual? Are they already that out of date?

And who gave them permission to sell Neopets!

However, what's up with these searches for the cartoons? I mean, they're listed in the TV guides, who needs to Google or Yahoo on Dragonball, Naruto or Sailor Moon? (And Sailor Moon is so not cool!)

I am somewhat confused about Final Fantasy and Sims making it to the list. I'd have thought these games already had about every single player hooked into the world-wide honey-trap. Now I don't know much about Runescape. Perhaps someone can fill me in on it's interest factor.

It's rather interesting that only four, as far as I can tell, guys made it into the list. Eminem? Hasn't he passed his prime, even as an actor? I can see the draw of Taylor Hicks and Clay Aiken because we just wrapped up the latest edition of "Let's go Crazy Over American Idol". Is it as much of a draw outside the US, or is it just an American hobby? Someone drop in a post and let me know.

But who in heck is Zac Eforn and why is he popular? Or LimeWire, I'm pretty sure this is a band. Is it's music any good? Anyway, just so you can see what I'm talking about, here's the list from June 3rd.

  1. NBA Basketball

  2. MySpace

  3. RuneScape

  4. Paris Hilton

  5. Pamela Anderson

  6. Poker

  7. Golf

  8. NFL Football

  9. Pokemon

  10. Britney Spears

  11. Apple

  12. Spyware

  13. Jessica Simpson

  14. Soccer

  15. Baseball

  16. Dragonball Z

  17. Naruto

  18. Barbie

  19. WWE

  20. LimeWire

  21. Jessica Alba

  22. Jennifer Aniston

  23. Jennifer Lopez

  24. Sims

  25. Angelina Jolie

  26. Shakira

  27. Lindsay Lohan

  28. InuYasha

  29. Christina Aguilera

  30. Anna Kournikova

  31. Taylor Hicks

  32. PlayStation 2

  33. Anna Nicole Smith

  34. Mariah Carey

  35. Hilary Duff

  36. Carmen Electra

  37. Prom Hairstyles

  38. XBox

  39. Eminem

  40. Clay Aiken

  41. Beyonce

  42. Harry Potter

  43. Neopets

  44. Father's Day

  45. Final Fantasy

  46. Zac Eforn

  47. Candice Michelle

  48. Sailor Moon

  49. Salma Hayek

  50. Da Vinci Code


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