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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Cybook Gen3 Again.

One of the things about this that both excites me and frustrates me is the ability to read Mobipocket formatted ebooks. And the Cybook does this quite well... except that it doesn't open Secure Mobipocket ebooks! It will, at some point be recognizable by Mobipocket as a 'registered' device, but for now, if you're shopping at Fictionwise, buy the ebook in Muliformat and then download the *UN*secured Mobipocket version.

This, of course, is not a problem with ebooks purchased from Baen's Webscriptions as none of them have DRM imposed. If you buy a Baen ebook and download the ebook in Mobipocket format, just drop it onto the Cybook through the USB cable and you're good to go. Or you could download it in HTML format because the Cybook also reads HTML - and text, and soon to read unsecured pdb ebooks, rtf ebooks and even PDF ebooks. Eventually, if I understand correctly, it will even handle FBReader FB2 ebooks.

I'm loving the crisp display and the ability to choose between six font families and nine font sizes within each family without having to re-compile the ebook!

And, as a side note, thanks go out to Dean Sutherland, who donated $5 to help defray my expenses in buying lighting equipment to take better product photos for the review of the Cybook. I've had to invest over $200 for all the lighting, light-tent and display racks so I could use any donations readers can give. Again, a big THANKS to Dean Sutherland!


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