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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Roswell, Texas

I'm coming clean. I'm admitting the truth. I'm a big-time fan of Libertarian fiction. I've read tons of the stuff, from Carl Bussjaeger's "Net Assets" to Aaron Zelman & L Neil Smith's "Hope". Just today I finished up the online graphic novel "Roswell, Texas". This is a collaborative effort based upon a story line from L Neil Smith and I think it's the finest 'light' version of the Roswell story we'll ever read. As it's a graphic novel, it covers about 638 or some odd 'pages', each one a panel of graphic art and dialog you just have to read!

They're shopping it around for a dead-tree publisher, so feel free to let your favorite publisher hear about it. And pass the link on to all your friends!


Blogger Gareth said...

The link being if I'm not mistaken. It seems to be missing from the article.

6:22 AM  
Blogger Derek A Benner said...

If you noticed, the title to this post is the link. Click on it and you're taken directly to the first page.

Blogspot is strange that way; they allow a blog poster to create a link from the post's title. ;-)

9:47 AM  

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