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Thursday, July 24, 2008

So maybe it's not quite ready for prime time.

But I invite you to check out OpenInkpot. The people there are hard at work developing a completely Open Source Linux distribution designed to run on any of the e-ink-display-based ebook readers currently available. That means Amazon Kindles, Sony PRS-505s, Cybook Gen3s, Jinke V3s and iRex iLiads among others. Further, the goal is to allow owners of these devices to run OpenInkpot from the SD card instead of installing it over the built-in operating system (usually a Linux variant already). This means the built-in DRM-laden formats native to these devices will still be usable by the owners. They won't lose ANY functionality!

Further, OI will support a standalone bookshelf/library manager and FBReader. What makes FBReader nice is that it supports so many currently available non-DRM ebook formats, such as Palmdoc (pdb/prc), non-DRM Mobipocket, chm, html, rtf, txt and, of course, FB2, FBReader's native ebook format. And because FBReader is Open Source, I have no doubt that someone is already hard at work making ePub work on it.

Right now, a version 0.0 of OI is up and running on the Jinke V3 hardware platform, complete with a barebones bookshelf and FBReader. I wouldn't recommend it at this point to regular readers, but if you want to check it out, go to Open Inkpot and follow the download instructions.


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