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Monday, December 01, 2008

So what's up with MickyD's?!?!?

Was in a rush. Had a family medical appointment early this morning which meant for the first time in several years, I needed to eat on the run. So I stopped in at one of the McDonald's on the way. Got a sausage burrito and a milk for my mom, and, I thought, an Egg McMuffin combo for me. Came to $8.15! So I read it out. Seems they didn't give me the combo, they broke the McMuffin, hash brown and milk separately. Okay, I can see $3.09 for the McMuffin - barely. And I'm already rather upset at the idea of the breakfast burrito (and it's not the McBurrito, but the SMALL one) cost $1.89. But then I noticed the milk. Two 8-ounce milks ran $2.59!!! That's $1.29 per CUP of milk!!!

Now I live in California and milk by the gallon runs $3.99. But if one buys a gallon of milk from McD's in little 8-ounce bottles, one gets the privilege of paying $20.72!

C'mon, McDonald's, where's your sense of shame!


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