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Monday, March 08, 2010

I'm thrilled! We're joining the Wii Fit craze!

Yep. We managed to snag a Wii system on eBay. (Yes, eBay! We got our brand-new system for $165 because I spent the time to track the auctions and one of them closed out with our winning bid of $165! Deals CAN happen if you're patient enough.)

So once it actually gets here, we'll be setting it up and doing all those nifty sports and exercise games in order to expand our repertoire of exercises. Who knows? Maybe, unlike every other you-only-have-to-exercise-a-half-hour-per-day program, THIS ONE will cause Mom and I to massively shed pounds! (Not likely, but it will make the whole, keep the cardio going process more fun - and that's a good thing.)

I cannot stress enough that deals can be found on eBay. But it does require patience as you have to be willing to set hard limits on how high you will bid and keep to those limits. We've been searching for a new (as opposed to a 'used' or 'refurbished' unit) Wii since early September of 2009. But we set a goal of not paying more than $180 plus shipping. It took some time, but we beat our goal. To give you an idea, the ten Wii auctions we were following in the two hours before the one we won, the prices ranged between $207 and $276 - same exact system as we won.


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