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Friday, November 30, 2007

We are *THIS CLOSE* to opening the NAEB Store!

We just have one simple little form to complete - registering the corporation with California. After that's done, by Monday or Tuesday, we can actually start to take orders. So get your money ready because as soon as we are registered in California we'll be sending out e-mail notification to all those who pre-registered!

Now I want to talk a bit about the Amazon Kindle. I don't necessarily agree with the approach that Amazon is taking with the Kindle; we don't need Yet Another Proprietary E-Book Format (YAPEBF)! What's worse is that if the customer forgets his/her Kindle login and is traveling outside the US (the only place the Kindle can 'dial up' on it's own without needing a computer, said customer is SOL for buying an ebook. That's why Kindles aren't sold outside the US, there's no Sprint 'Whispernet' in all the other countries.

Other than those *major* flaws, I 'like' the Kindle. I still can't see any need for a full keyboard - even one of those chiclet-key versions the Kindle has, but I 'like' the Kindle. I'm like several others who find using the navigator strip controlled by the scroll-wheel a bit daunting, but if I didn't have a Cybook Gen3, I'd have bought a Kindle.

So I recommend the Cybook over the Sony PRS-505 and Amazon Kindle, but if you don't want to buy a Cybook, I recommend you get the Kindle.