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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've decided I'm being too harsh to Barnes & Noble.

Instead of demanding they repair my Nook, I'll be satisfied by a lesser action. Which lesser action, you ask? Simple.

Let Amazon create an ePub Nook competitor and drive B&N out of business. Root and branch. Stomp it into the ground, thrust a wooden stake through its rotten heart, cut off it's head, sew communion wafers into its mouth and leave its vampiric rotting corpse to turn to ash at the rising of the sun.

THAT would be sufficient compensation for their attitude towards repairing my Nook.

In other words, there's no reason to go to extremes.

Yes, Leonard Riggio, I mean your company sucks rotten eggs!

Barnes & Noble, your Nook customer service SUX!

If you happen to buy a used, or even used/broken Kindle 2 or Kindle DX, which is still under the 1-year warranty period, Amazon will swap it out for a new/refurbished version for FREE! And if it is past the warranty period, Amazon will do so for $135. That means Amazon *honors* its warranty whether the person is the original owner or a second owner.

That's just the same as warranties offered by car manufacturers. And large-appliance manufacturers. They *get* that the warranty period transfers.

Not so with Barnes & Noble. Say you've located a used Nook on eBay. The owner bought the Nook less than 1 year ago and they need to sell... So you buy it. But it's broken somehow. Guess what? B&N, that piece of crap company, WON'T honor any remaining warranty time - nor will it bother to repair the Nook at all! Not even for a fee! That's right. If you're not the original owner, you're shit out of luck with B&N!

Is it any wonder that Barnes & Noble is for sale?

Shame on you, Barnes & Noble!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Greater Tyranny or lesser tyranny?

Think about it.

If you go with the Democrat ('liberal') agenda, the U.S. federal government should have more power and control than the states or local governments. That's an opportunity-in-progress for 'greater tyranny'. On the other hand, the Republican ('conservative') agenda is to strip all but the simplest powers from the federal government and hand them over to the states and local governments. IOW, 'lesser tyranny'.

Why do I say this? Does anyone think that the politicians at state, county or local levels are somehow 'exempt' from the desire to exert anti-Constitutional (we're talking about the Bill of Rights here) control and abuse their positions for their personal gain? If anyone disagrees, just look at the messes at the state levels in California, Massachussets, Virginia, New York and Arizona amongst others. And let us not forget of the levels of corruption we're witnessing in Bell, California. A town of less than 40,000 residents, almost all of whom earn under $37,000/year and the 'city manager' managed to get his salary boosted to $787,000!!!

We here in the U.S. are supposed to be trying very hard to increase personal liberty and yet both major parties are screaming over which government gets the right to impose tyranny. Isn't it time to vote ALL the bastards out?