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Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Pixil QI looks HOT!

Wow! A netbook/tablet pc (currently Pixil is demoing their oled screen on an 8.9" Acer netbook) with an OLED display! Not only that, but in reflective/'in sunlight' mode, it only draws 0.8 WATTS of power!

Think about it for a minute. Here's a netbook/tablet pc which runs full color in backlit mode and displays in black & white in non-backlit 'reflective' mode. That means you've got the best of transmissive and reflective displays for both indoor and outdoor use.

Add in the low weight and low power draw and this may well be strong competition for the e-ink ebook readers.

I can hardly wait. :-)

Monday, June 01, 2009

The UDC flexible Oled display.

OMG! UDC has just announced it's figured out how to make FLEXIBLE oled displays! You simple *must* check out the link at Gizmodo (just click on the title of this post)!

Oled is the new technology that makes for great, low-power displays and monitors. However, the fabrication tech used by Samsung is very, VERY expensive. And it requires the use of a glass surface which means there's no flexibility. Anyone who's used an e-ink ebook reader knows that non-flexible also means 'easy to break', which is a big no-no for portable devices.

The fab method devised by Universal Display Corporation (UDC) allows for flexible displays and is less expensive than that used by Samsung. "Any day now" (read: up to five years from now) we should see cheap, flexible oled displays. But we should see (not cheap) flexible displays quite soon.

Hooray! E-book readers with full-color displays!