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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Amazon's Clearspace and DTM.

Okay, so you want to get published. Great! Write the book and send it off to the publishers! Then wait...

Eventually, you'll get a rejection letter from the first publishing house, but you've been told that it's a numbers game at this point in the process, so you submit it to another. Then wait some more...

After about 20 submission/rejection cycles, presuming you've read between the lines of the rejection letters and cleaned up any grammar, syntax and storytelling errors, you probably have a decent mid-list story that NO ONE appears to find worthy of publishing. (Which is absurd given the sheer volume of fiction works released in the US each year. No, for simplicity's sake, we won't bother about outside-US novels.) That number ranges into the thousands.

Even with so many books being released, there is no guarantee that YOURS will see the shelves.

Best to go back to the day job.

Or maybe not! Have you, by any chance, heard of a small firm called 'Amazon'? I bet you have. You probably are a regular customer of theirs. You *may* even be one of their 'Amazon Associates' and have earned an occasional dollar or two from the sales of a book through a button on your website or blog.

Did you know that they don't just *sell* books, they also publish paper (print on demand) and electronic (Kindle, of course) books? That's right, they *want* your business! Through ClearSpace (their in-house P-O-D branch) and Digital Text Management (DTM handles the publishing of Kindle ebooks), you can submit your beloved manuscript and let them handle the marketing and publishing! Sure, ClearSpace will cost you a bit ($299 for their most basic, they-supply-the-ISBN, they-choose-a-simple-layout version, $799 for the cheapest, your-ISBN, your-cover-art, you get a choice of layouts version) up front, but the rest is cost-to-you free! And if you go with the DTM Kindle method first, you may well earn enough to cover the ClearSpace costs with no money out of your bank account.

So, if you have a novel drooling to be published, one that *has* gone through NaNoEdMo (National Novel Editing Month) to get the kinks, errors and plot voids out, consider going through ClearSpace.

Ahem! And if you want to have someone else handle those decisions, I'll be glad to be your literary-agent-of-record for a mere 10% of the net that Amazon pays you.


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