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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Windows Easy Transfer *won't* work using a typical PC-Linq USB-to-USB transfer cable! I've got to wait until my Easy Transfer *cable* arrives! Shoot! Gol Durn! Bad Word! Bad Word! Bad Word!

Oh well, I'm still about 3/4 of the way done in setting up the Vista machine. Got Vista installed, got most of my favorite apps installed, got all my current novels transferred over via sneaker-net - as well as my complete collection of .prc/.mobi and .lrf ebooks. Yay!

But I'm not going to try to burn 200GB of Olympus, Canon and Nikon RAW image files to CDRW discs. It just isn't worth the effort to burn all those discs!

Anywho, found a great deal on a Sigma 135-400mm for my camera and am waiting for that sneaky hummingbird to show it's face. Of course, with that lens, I'll be able to get decent shots of the Wild Turkeys, California Quails and other large and suspicious birds in the neighborhood.

Still, I wouldn't mind building up a family of VR lenses - maybe the 14-24mm, 24-120mm, 70-200mm, 200-400mm and either the 500mm or 600mm VR series lenses. Yeah. RIIIiiiigggghhhhttt. Both the 500mm Vr and 600mm VR retail, through Amazon, for $9,699!!! Similar price ranges for the other lenses in this series. Maybe if I can manage to win the next big MEGAMillions lottery...

But what really caught my eye was the new D700X that should be coming out this Fall. 24 megapixels of Nikon sweetness! And less than 1/3 the price of a D3X! SWEET!


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