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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bookeen's service for broken Cybooks.

So I finally got an RMA number assigned to me in early September so that I could send my frozen Cybook Gen3 back to Bookeen for repair. As with many people, I could not actually afford to send it back until October 4th. It is now October 22nd and I have not yet heard from Bookeen - not even notice that they have received my broken unit.

You know, it's bad enough that this is a French company and believes it is appropriate and business-like to shut down the company for the entire month of August (Vacation time, don't you know?) and FAIL to even bother to post a notice on their web page and blog with that information. It's worse that their updates are flakey enough that one cannot know whether a given firmware update will freeze the device in the middle of the update process - requiring the device to be sent in for repair or replacement. But to then not bother to notify the customer that they have received the broken device and are (or are not) repairing it?

Let's just say that my next ebook reader will be a Jinke V3. As I can get one under the BeBook nameplate with a simple credit card purchase, I'll be purchasing one soon. I will then use Open Inkpot (click on the title of this post to go there) to read my mobipocket and ereader ebooks. And I will bid my love affair with the Bookeen Cybook, adieu. Be smart, buy any ebook reader *but* a Cybook.


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