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Thursday, August 20, 2009

So I've got the Core2Quad ALMOST working...

but I've still got to get the operating system installed. I've tried using a 'generic' Windows XP and the current RTM release of Windows 7 - but the Windows 7 release expects that the custom drivers for the Gateway GT5628 are already installed-they're not-and the 'generic' Windows XP OEM disc expects to find the SATA drivers as well as a floppy drive. They're not!

So I'm waiting for my recovery/restore DVD from Gateway. Sigh. In the mean time, I've got my new Phoenix Gold 100mm F3.5 Macro lens. (Okay, it's NOT new, but it's new in MY collection - I got it on eBay. ) Wow! Even though I've only got the basic lens - it's missing the 1:1 Life-Size adapter - this lens ROCKS for macro work!

I've included an 800x531 pixel (reduced from the 4288x2848 pixels) that makes the actual subject "about" the size of the real adapter.


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