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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Not working on photos today...

Nope. I got a used Core2Quad 'barebones' system on eBay a few weeks ago - and then bought the upgrade RAM, HD and 22" monitor to bring it up to speed. But I didn't get a monitor cable and I had to get a USB-2- USB transfer setup to get the data from my "old" computer transferred over.

Anyway, today the cables arrived and I'm now partitioning and formatting the HD for use (Had to buy an external USB-2-SATA cabling kit - but that's done and I'm waiting, waiting, waiting for the 1-TB drive to format... 20 minutes in and I'm up to 11% completed!)

But I can't wait! I've got 6GB of RAM, a 250GB EIDE and 1TB SATA drive and a nice Westinghouse 22" display. And by waiting and shopping around on eBay, I managed to get the basics (HD, RAM, CPU, LCD) for under $350! Deals are STILL available if one has patience.

I needed the new system because Windows XP, Photoshop CS3, 280GB HD and 4GB RAM just wasn't cutting the mustard with my 12MP photos. On the new system, I'm putting the RTM (Release-To-Market) version of Windows 7 Ultimate and CS4. That should make a decent photo editing platform - and I can add in 2GB more of RAM to max it out - later!

So, in a couple of days, I'll be back up to speed with my photos.


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