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Friday, April 09, 2010

Wiiiiiiiiiiii Meeeeeeee!

Yes, we have finally joined the 'Wii Generation' here at Casa Benner. We (LOL) went ahead and bought a Wii, an extra WiiMote & Nunchuk and Wii Fit Plus w/Balance Board. I spent yesterday getting the Balance Board and the extra WiiMote configured to the Wii. Then Mom and I tried out the basic sports games disc that comes with the Wii and the exercise disc that comes with Wii Fit Plus. Whooo! Quite the workout, even with just the five games that come with the basic Wii! I cannot at this time, use the Balance Board, so Mom is using the Wii Fit application and I'm sticking to Tennis, Bowling, Golf, Baseball and Boxing. Even so, it is so easy to forget how much time has passed. I spent nearly 30 minutes working up a sweat with Boxing, Bowling and Baseball.

But the important thing is that playing these games got me out of the chair (although playing Boxing and Baseball can quite easily be done sitting down if you're like me and have trouble standing for any length of time) and onto my feet. I'm tired and sore today, but it's a 'good' tired. We will be looking at other 'sports' games for the Wii and I think this will make it that much easier to get exercise into my life.


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